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Organic Produce

All our produce is Certified Organic by California Certified Organic Farmers. We pride ourselves on how we treat our precious soil and the surrounding land we call home. We practice no-till farming methods which disturb the soil strata in minimal ways and leave the soil biology healthy and intact.  Our primary source of fertility is the compost we make from the biologically-rich goat bedding in the barn. This bedding is composed of layered leaves or wood chips which acts like a sponge, soaking up the urine and manure from the goats. Our self-sufficiency in this way is a point of pride. We grow crops intensively on three acres while practicing regular crop rotation and interplanting.


Goat Milk

Our Nubian dairy goats produce a sweet and rich milk that is surprisingly mild in flavor.  Become a herdshare member today!


Contract Grazing

We offer a subscription grazing service in our immediate neighborhood (Rock Creek Rd. / Rector Rd.) In these times of catastrophic fire and a changing climate, we must refocus our attention on the stewardship of the land that surrounds us. Our forests are in a poor state of health due to a lack of management and decades of fire suppression. Using our herd of Nubian x Kiko goats we are working to restore the health of the land that surrounds our farm and the neighborhood through regular planned grazing. We are offering our services to neighbors and aim to tie large acreage together under one management program to improve forest health and safety from the risk of fire.

If you are interested in learning more about this service or joining the effort please contact us by email: firstrainfarm@gmail.com


Vegetable Seeds

We grow vegetable seed for various seed companies. We believe that growing seed is a vitally-important part of a local food system. In addition to selling wholesale, we plant much of our own seed for our local fresh sales. Producing and using seed locally is the best way to adapt our varieties to local soil and climatic conditions. While we do not currently sell directly to the public, our seeds can be found at the following seed companies that buy from us:

High Mowing Organic Seeds:
  • Cylindra Beet (2020)

  • Autumn Beauty Sunflower (2020)


Fedco Seeds:
  • Three Root Grex Beet 


Southern Exposure Seed Exchange:
  • Yellow Potato Onion

  • Large White Potato Onion

  • Large Yellow Potato Onion

  • Egyptian Walking Onion

  • Gray Shallot

  • Minicor Carrot

  • Three Root Grex Beet

Redwood Seeds:
  • Detroit Dark Red Beet

  • Three Root Grex Beet

  • Minicor Carrot

Filaree Garlic Farm:
  • Gray Shallot

  • Yellow Potato Onion

  • Spanish Roja Garlic

  • German White Garlic

  • Chesnook Red Garlic

The Maine Potato Lady:
  • Yellow Potato Onion

  • Gray Shallot

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply:
  • Yellow Potato Onion