First Rain Farm
Raspberry U-Pick


Raspberries are here and this year we are opening our patch up to

u-pick! We have two varieties to pick, a red and a golden. They are certified organic and delicious. This is the time to fill the freezer with summers bounty of fruit! 


When? Sunday October 10th 9am-12pm(come no later than 11:30am)

Cost of berries?: Raspberries $5/lb  


Click on Hold My Spot button below and pay $20 to do that. We are only offering this to limited number of people so serious inquires please!The $20 deposit paid will go towards your berry total and is the minimum for coming to pick. If for some reason you cannot pick the $20 worth then we are happy to refund you the difference.The $20 is per family and not required for each person.

We will have flats and yogurt containers that can go around your neck to pick into but please bring your own containers to transfer into when you leave. We will have ziplock bags as backup if needed. 

You will come to the farm at 19832 Rector Rd. Nevada City, CA between 9am-11:30am, park below the house along the pasture or where you can if that area is full. The trail to the raspberry patch is along the creek after the bridge that you drove across on the left before the stand of perennial sunflowers. You will see a large enclosed area and that is where the berry patch is. 

Please call Tim at 530-802-6899 with any questions!