The Farm


First Rain Farm is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, just outside of Nevada City, California.  At 2500’ elevation, the farm is a mixture of coniferous and deciduous tree species, which surround our fields and dominate the landscape. Trees love growing here, and so do we! We are lucky to have Brush Creek meander through our farm, providing moisture for riparian plant species and habitat for the abundant wildlife. Brush Creek is a tributary of the South Yuba River which is just down the road and is our favorite place to swim and seek reprieve from the heat of summer.


At First Rain Farm, we strive to steward all the land on the farm, in all its diversity. We operate a system of agriculture that produces nourishing food for our community by integrating the use of livestock with the land and creating fertility through the animals to produce a rich compost which in turn nourishes our crops. We see it as our responsibility as stewards of this place to forever be listening to the needs of this land and adapting our system to better serve those needs.


Farming Practices


Our farm is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers. We pride ourselves on our care for the soil, and our on-farm production of 90% of our fertility needs through the use of animals and the generation of compost. We have been operating using no-till practices since 2017 and continue to discover ways in which to increase yields, quality, and the diversity of products we offer while improving soil fertility, its ability to retain moisture, and the structure of the soil.


Meet the Team


Tim Van Wagner is a Nevada County native. Having grown up with regular access to the forested BLM lands of Banner Mountain and spending countless hours discovering the freedom found there, Tim developed a deep sense of love and understanding for the mixed coniferous forest lands of Nevada County from a young age. In 2007 Tim graduated from Pitzer College with a BA in “Environment, Society and Design”, a self-designed major, and a minor in Art. Through his experiences in college, and especially a four month study abroad experience in Tanzania, Tim developed a strong conviction in the importance, and indeed the necessity, of humans reconnecting with nature. For Tim, the most obvious and meaningful way to do this was through our food system.

Upon returning to Nevada County in 2007, Tim partnered with Debora and Leo Chapman of Bluebird Farm at the Jacobson Dude Ranch where he completed his first full season of farming.  In 2008 he helped with the process of creating the Nevada CIty Farmer’s Market by serving as a founding board member with a team of passionate community members. In 2009 Tim co-founded Living Lands Agrarian Network, a 501c3 non-profit farming organization dedicated to training farmers and building a local food system and a network of farms surrounding Nevada City.  In 2012 Tim launched his own farm, First Rain Farm, and was able to consolidate his farming on one larger parcel. The name First Rain Farm speaks to this place and how after a long, dry summer these lands are finally quenched by the first rain of the season which truly marks a shift in the season and a feeling of relief to everything and everyone. 

Tim is a father to his son Teague, who brings him endless joy and hope for the future and he is a husband to Kat, the woman of his dreams whose arrival has brought his life to a whole new level.  Tim cares deeply for this place we call home and can think of no other place he’d rather live.

Kat Van Wagner is originally from the beautiful East coast state of Maine. Having developed a love of food and farming during her twenties, she then made her transition to the West coast in the Fall of 2013 and to Nevada County in the Fall of 2014. Kat joined the First Rain Farm family in the Fall of 2017 after quickly falling for her now husband Tim. Kat and Tim were married on the farm in September of 2019. Kat has a passion for herbalism, growing food, hiking, animal husbandry, cooking and loves living and creating community in the quaint town of Nevada City. Kat's main job on the farm is managing the milking herd as well as outreach and marketing

Marissa Nicol grew up in the cold in Minnesota. Landing in California in 2018, she is still shocked by mild winters and changing elevations. Her beginnings on the farm started as a work trader, where she quickly realized she needed to stay. This will be her second summer on the First Rain Farm crew. Farming to Marissa is as much a political act as it is an act of pleasure. How charged and magical a life of fighting ecological, economic, and social injustice, amongst, growing carrots, steaming compost, and lactating goats! When not farming, Marissa enjoys food with friends, plant and tree hunting, and fighting at jiu-jitsu.

Sasha Scott.JPG

Sasha Scott grew up near Philadelphia, PA. Family gatherings, where there was plenty of delicious homemade food, was a big part of her life. This love of food led Sasha to want to bridge the gap between farm and table, where she could grow food for herself and her family in a sustainable and self reliant way. 

After graduating from Brooks Institute with a Bachelors of Science, and a stay on an olive orchard in New Zealand through the WWOOF program, she made her way around California and eventually ended up in Nevada City. Sasha now lives with her husband and two kids, and enjoys growing and raising her own food. This will be her 5th season with First Rain Farm, and she loves being part of team.