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What is a Herdshare?

When you purchase a share of the herd you become part owner and will receive a regular amount of milk from the animals each week over the course of the milking season.  We milk the goats April through October during fresh-grass season and take a break while the goats are pregnant through the Winter. Members are assigned a day of the week to pick up their milk at our barn just outside of Nevada City, CA.


How We Manage the Herd:

Our Nubian dairy goats produce a sweet and rich milk that is surprisingly mild in flavor. In addition to their daily pasture rotation throughout the farm, the goats are supplemented with certified organic alfalfa and a treat of organic barley soaked in farm-made apple cider vinegar and minerals during milking. While we milk the goats beginning April 1st of each year, we also allow the kids to drink from their mothers for several months before fully weaning. We maintain a very healthy herd of goats through our holistic pasture management and mineral supplementation. We do not use any chemical de-wormers on our goats, thanks to the success of these practices.


One share in the herd is equivalent to one quart of milk per week and you may purchase as many shares as you’d like.


Here is a breakdown of the cost per share:


Purchase Price: $25.00 (one time cost)

12 Jars and Lids with your name affixed: $20.00 (one time cost, unless you need more jars)

Boarding Fee: $200.00 annually


So for example if you were interested in one share (1 quart per week) your total the first year would be $245.00.  In subsequent years, your total for that same share would be $200.00 (Because you’ve already paid the purchase price and for jars) . 


If you were interested in two shares the total for the first year would be $470 and $400 the following year etc…. 


People ask what the cost comes to per quart. The cost, once broken down, comes to just over $6.00 / quart.


2022 Milking Season Update:
We have decided to take this year off of milking due to increases in organic alfalfa and the arrival of our daughter Rose and realizing the we need to simplify the daily chores here at the farm. Add your name to the waiting list below if you would like to be notified for the 2023 season.  

Herdshare Waiting list

Thanks for submitting!

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