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Welcome to our new Online Farm Stand! We are offering weekly veggie boxes. This is a week to week commitment so when you make a purchase it is not a standing order like a csa. Please place your order each week between Thursday- Sunday evening (boxes are limited so the sooner the better because they could sell out before Sunday) .  Pickup will be that following Wednesday from 3-7 pm. The pick-up location will be at our farm at 19832 Rector Rd. Nevada City. Follow the signs to our farm stand location which is located after our farm/home driveway on the left by the big goat barn. This a farm pickup option only, you cannot pickup these boxes at the Nevada City Farmers Market on Saturdays but we do have a booth every Saturday at the Nevada City Farmers Market from 8:30am-1pm!

Please note: The internet ordering is not perfect and depending on your home service it is possible that you may think you have ordered but maybe it didn't go through. Please make sure you have received a confirmation email after ordering and we also send an email out the day before pickup with specific instructions. If you have not received these then it means that we haven't received an order from you. Please email us immediately if this happens and we will do our best to fix the situation and get you your box.

Weekly Produce Boxes              

For pickup on Wednesday September 23rd

This week's boxes contain:

Swiss Chard, Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Radishes, Garlic & Raspberries



Please note: Each week we will do our best to provide you with the current list of what is fresh but because farming is unpredictable, some items may not be available. Regardless, we will have the value there with other fresh produce. Thanks for understanding!


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Berry Flats

We are offering our certified organic golden and red raspberries in 1/2 flats and full flats. Pay here online and pick-up at the farm on Wednesdays between 3-7pm

San Marzano Tomato flats

10 Pounds

The San Marzano plum tomato originates from a small town near Naples, Italy and has been the #1 canning and sauce tomato for many years. Compared to the Roma tomato, it has a thicker flesh, less seeds, stronger and sweeter flavor and is less acidic. 


If you are wanting to can tomatoes for the winter months or make sauce then this is your tomato!


Cherry Tomatoes

12 pint flats

We are offering mixed flats of our cherry tomatoes. The Esterina and Black cherry tomatoes are little bursts of flavor and we love preserving these for use during the off-season months when tomatoes are a distant memory. You can roast them and pack them in oil, roast them for canning or roast them to freeze. Whatever you decide, you won't be sorry when you pull these out in February!



$8.00  /  $16.00  /  $22.00

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