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CommunitySupported Agriculture

Multi-farm Collaborative CSA

Featuring four local farms in Nevada County:

Feeding Crane Farm

Bluebird Farm
Starbright Acres Farm

First Rain Farm

When you purchase a share in our community supported agriculture program (CSA) you are supporting your farmers by providing up front capital for the start of the season. As your farmers, we then provide you with a seasonally-changing box of the freshest produce each week.

Learn a little about each farm below. You can find out more about First Rain Farm by clicking on the

"Our Story" tab at the top of the page.

Feeding Crane Farm is a family farm project growing a wide array of vegetables at 1400 feet in the Sierra foothills. We strive to grow our produce in a manner that maximizes nutrition for people while improving the health of the ecosystem in which we farm and providing a secure livelihood for ourselves and the people who work with us. We use an evolving array of organic practices to build soil, increase productivity, and increase the nutrient density of our produce.


Bluebird Farm is owned and operated by Malaika Bishop. Malaika has been active in the local farming and food movement for over a decade and many of you might know her from her involvement with Sierra Harvest. In her second full year of running her own farm, Malaika is managing two farm locations, one on Cement Hill road at the Jacobson Dude Ranch and the other at the Sierra Friends Center (formally known as Woolman) off Jones Bar road. Bluebird Farm will be contributing regular salad offerings for the CSA as well as an assortment of other crops.  

In addition to vegetables, Bluebird Farm is offering a sunflower share and microgreen add-ons. Treat yourself or a loved one to a generous weekly bouquet of sunflowers July-September and/or sign up to get a weekly installment of delicious nutrient-dense 

 microgreens! Your options are:       

     - broccoli (light, juicy and delicately     

       flavored packing a nutritional punch)

     - sunflower shoots (substantial, crunchy,       

       nutty and delicious)

     - pea shoots (sweet, crunchy, mild)

     - crunchy micro mix (sunflower, pea and

       purple radish mix)

Please choose in the sign-up form what kind(s) you want for your standing weekly order. Pick up your flowers and microgreens Wednesdays with your veggie box at First Rain Farm or Starbright Acres Farm.


If you are interested in spring flowers or greens like salad mix, spinach, and arugula during the months that the CSA is not running, please sign up directly at


Sunflower Share: July-Sept $167.70*

Get a fresh bunch of stunning sunnies every week for 12 weeks.

*This price includes sales tax

Microgreens Add-on: June-Oct $135 

Choose a weekly clamshell of broccoli, sunflower shoot, pea shoot, and/or crunchy micro mix.

*We need at least 10 days notice prior to a pick up date to have your microgreens ready. Once you pay your invoice, we will let you know the next pick up date we will have them ready.

BF_mainlogo_FGF_circle (1)1024_1.jpg
micromalaika (1).jpg

Starbright Acres Family Farm produces certified organic nutritious, delicious, planet friendly food for our local community. Ken & Aleta Barrett and their two children founded Starbright Acres Family Farm in 2010 with the concept of growing a commercially and financially viable quantity of produce in a semi-urban setting.  They now sell over $100,000 of certified organic produce per acre in cultivation. 90% is sold within 10 miles of the farm.  Starbright Farm also supports our local food network by hosting field trips, getting involved with local schools & agricultural programs, selling vegetable starts, and sharing farming knowledge with community members. Nutritious, delicious, planet friendly food - Eat right at Starbright!

sacres_round logo_med_print.jpg
Aleta & Ken.jpg

Add-on Offerings
We are thrilled to be partnering with these fellow local food purveyors to provide even more nourishment in your weekly box!

Deer Creek Bakehouse
Sun & Cellar

Sign up for add-on subscriptions to these delectable offerings and pick them up with your veggie box- so easy! Read more about these options



Enhance your veggie-filled meals with MushBarn's seasonally scrumptious mushrooms! Each week you will receive a bag of a rotating variety of cultivated mushrooms to play with in the kitchen. You may find in your bag: lion's mane, oyster varieties (blue pearl, black pearl, trumpet royal) chestnut, shiitake or other seasonal selections.  Perfect for families looking to incorporate more fungi into their meals or for mushroom-loving individuals!

$105 for 21 week season ($5/week)


Deer Creek Bakehouse

At their Grass Valley sourdough micro-bakery, every loaf is hand-made using a naturally fermented leaven and only organic flours. As much as possible they source their grains locally, and strive to include only organic ingredients in their rotating breads. Choose between their signature rustic Sourdough Country loaf, or the weekly rotating Baker’s Choice specialty breads. Or both- these delicious fresh-baked loaves go quick! The specialty breads will include but are not limited to: rosemary & lemon, olives & herbs, miso & sesame whole wheat, and cinnamon raisin. Bread subscriptions last for 21 weeks.

$168 for Country Sourdough ($8/week)

$210 for Baker’s Choice ($10/week)

Limited spots available- don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

deer creek bakehouse-3 (1).jpg

Photo: Bryce Winsor (@btwphotography)


Sun & Cellar

Josh Rickett runs a full-scale cannery that specializes in preserving California heirloom produce. He prioritizes sourcing from Nevada County farms (like the ones in this CSA) to help build a thriving local food system. Using all organic ingredients, he showcases produce through traditional methods of preservation including pickles, ferments, jams, preserves and much more! Sign up for a monthly box of his flavor-packed preserved goods and enjoy local flavors from all the seasons!  Boxes are different each month and contain a curated assortment of four preserves; a sample box looking like:

      Meyer Lemon Curd
      Bread n Butter Pickles
      Fire-roasted Tomato Salsa
Dilly Beans

Subscribe to elevate your plate!

$200 for 5 months ($40/month)


CSA Details

Duration: June 7th-October 25th 2023 (21 weeks)

Cost: $672 ($32/week) 

Pick-up: Wednesdays between 4-7pm

Contents: Over the course of the season you will receive over 40 different produce varieties!

Pick-up Options

1. First Rain Farm: 19832 Rector Rd, Nevada City


2. Starbright Acres Farm: 12575 Polaris Dr, Grass Valley


Add-on Offerings

Sunflower Share: July-Sept (12 weeks) $167.70

Microgreens: June-Oct (21 weeks) $135

Mushrooms: June-Oct (21 weeks) $105

Country Sourdough: June-Oct (21 weeks) $168

Baker's Choice: June-Oct (21 weeks) $210

Canned Goods: June-Oct (5 months) $200 

Please sign up below.  Once we receive your CSA registration form we will send you an invoice through Quickbooks within a few days. 

Your subscription(s) will not be secure until payment is complete. 

Please note: To get your first CSA box on Wednesday pick-up, we need to have received payment by the previous Friday. For example, payments for box pick up starting 6/7 are due 6/2. Email with any questions.

Thank you!

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