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Mother's Day Goat
U-Pet at First Rain Farm!



When: Sunday May 14th 1pm-3pm

Cost: $5 per person

Where: First Rain Farm goat barn 19832 Rector rd. Nevada City. The barn is located just past the"First Rain Farm" sign, on the left if you are coming from the Nevada City direction.  Look for signs on the road and then find parking near the goat barn, along the road, or down the main driveway. Make your way to the goat barn from there!

What to wear: Clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting dirty

What to expect: 30 mama goats and about 50 kid goats that were born tis past March and April. The older kids are hard to hold at this point but there should be opportunities to pet and hold some of the younger ones.

What NOT to do: Chase the goats, hold them if they don't want to be held or to grab on the mama goat's horns. Please do not bring your dog. 

Reserve your spot for this Sunday May 14th from 1pm-3pm

Each spot is $5 and is for a single person. If you are a family of four, then it will cost $20 for you to visit. Please do not bring people who have not paid through the website and have not been accounted for. We only have so much parking and so much space! Thank you. We will try to do this event more than once over the next few weeks so if you don't get a chance this weekend then there will probably be other chances. 

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